Jessica Loyaga and Ruben Pachas have 20 years working as Peruvian folk dances teachers; they work with all levels from Kindergarten to adults. Mrs. Jessica and Mr. Ruben are native teachers from Peru and they are fun immersion folk dance and Spanish teachers, they got Bachelor Degrees in Education, Major in Dance, with specialized courses in Dance and Spanish Language and Latin American Culture arts in Peru, New York, and Chicago.

Their specialties are training and teacher development, curriculum development and implementation. After they received many awards during seven years from the Peruvian Ministry of Education, for the great work in all levels they have done in the Peruvian education through arts, they arrived to USA 11 years ago making a tour with a professional dance company denominate Cultural folkloric association “Matices Peruanos “where they were principal dancers for 12 years by direction of Gladys Varillas and Jesus La Madrid Master of Peruvian Folk dance. 


They perform at Disney Magical Millennium Moments, EPCOT Millennium Village in Miami, New York, New Jersey and Chicago. They work in Chicago as a teacher thanks to Mr. Polo Garcia , Doc. Joseph Fischer and Mr. Claudio Rabadan, who invites them to be advisers of Peruvian Folk dance in many training teachers’ projects, CPS (Chicago Public school) and America Baila dance Company until now.

They are owner of Peruvian Folk Dance Center in Chicago who has the mission to promote the Peruvian traditions through dance.  They are very grateful with God! Because teacher Polo Garcia help them when they arrive to Chicago and now.


Jessica Loyaga
Phone: 1(630) 390 - 0552

Ruben Pachas
Phone: 1(630) 542-2056