Here is a small sample of the Peruvian cultural promotion that we have done over the years in various projects.



Peruvian Dance academy

Peruvian dances Academy's mission is to promote Peruvian popular culture through dance classes that will be offered to the community of the city of Chicago in the United States of America.

By learning of Peruvian folk dances, students will learn other arts including folk dances such as: music, song, theater, visual arts and painting of Peruvian culture

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Peruvian Culture Workshops

We deliver educational workshop combining theory and practice activities by dance, play instruments and traditional customs. We believe Peruvian culture workshop is a great way form for everyone to enjoy.

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Peruvian Folk Dance Performances

The repertoire of "Peru" comprises Peruvian national dances as well as numerous dances and folk songs from different regions of Peru. We are proud to present authentic and interesting performances and give audiences the true essence of Peru music, dance, and customs.

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Cajon Classes

Learn how to play Cajon

Box or box is a musical instrument of Afro-Peruvian or Peruvian origin, which has become popular throughout the world thanks to modern jazz, new flamenco and Afro-Latin-Caribbean music.
Lear how to play different gender of the Peruvian music as festejos, polka, waltz, marinera, panalivio, tondero, zamacueca, landó and music in the word.

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Private Classes


Private and supplemental lessons are subject to the availability of the desired instructor. When requesting private lessons, indicate the desired purpose. For example, to brush up on skills, to refine existing skills, to prepare for an audition, need choreography.

1 hour class price it’s depends of the distance.

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