All photography is provided by Milo Moreno.


We're an organization cultivating the enrichment of personal development of students through, cultural research, workshops and performances. 


As an organization we're committed to the development of Peruvian culture in Chicago; building moral and fundamental values by creating projects that respond to the need of the community. 


What We Do


  • Peruvian Folk Dance Center, has promoted Peruvian folk traditions, encompassing music and dance since 2009. Highlighting and preserving these key elements of Peruvian heritage and identity.


  • Our organization, has participated in more than 200 cultural events promoting Peruvian culture. These events were organized through a broad variety of institutions, with the goal of showcasing the different cultures in the world. Consequently, preserving Peruvian traditions outside of Peru. We have presented Peruvian music and dance in a manner that highlights the social, cultural, and economic facets of Peru’s identity.


  • In Chicago, we have performed dances, played music, engaged in lively discussions, enacted rituals, and participated in religious processions based on Peruvian artistic traditions. We have organized workshops in which participants have learned to dance, tasted Peruvian food, played instruments and sung traditional Peruvian songs.


  • Our festivals serve to highlight many Peruvian artists in Chicago and showcase their art. It also encourages the broader Peruvian-American community to get to know each other and build community.


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