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Since 2009, our organization has promoted Peruvian folk traditions in music and dance at the national and international level to highlight and preserve these key elements of Peruvian heritage and identity.


Our mission is to spread and preserve Peruvian culture by teaching and performing typical dances and playing music from Peru. We founded PFDC to help Peruvian-Americans maintain their connection with their Peruvian cultural roots. Furthermore, we hope that PFDC will help promote a more accurate and thorough understanding of the cultural diversity of recent American generations from a Peruvian perspective. We hope to achieve these goals through classes, workshops, and performances that highlight Peruvian dances and their history. We are passionate about preserving our culture so that it continues from generation to generation outside Peru.


Peruvian Folk Dance Center has helped accomplish over 200 of its partners’ major conservation cultural events goals. They inspire to conserve the cultures
— Mateo Mulcahy,


What We've Archived\


  • Peruvian Folk Dance Center has participated in more than 200 cultural events to promote Peruvian culture. These events were organized through a broad variety of institutions, with the main goal to learn about other cultures in the world and to preserve Peruvian traditions outside of Peru. In these contexts, we have presented Peruvian culture, music and dance in a manner that highlights the social, cultural, and economic facets that make up Peru’s diverse identity.


    For example, in Chicago we have performed dances, played music, engaged in lively discussions, enacted rituals and participated in religious processions, all based on artistic traditions from Peru. We have also organized workshops in which participants have learned to dance, tasted Peruvian food, played instruments and even sung Peruvian traditional songs.


    In addition, our festivals have served to highlight many Peruvian artists in the area and showcase their art. It is also an opportunity for the broader Peruvian-American community to get to know each other and interact artistically. These events have multiple offerings for children that are safe, engaging and fun, all designed to help them develop much needed social, emotional, physical, cultural, and academic skill.




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