Welcome and join us for an upcoming Peruvian Culture workshop! Your date with the arts.

Workshops are special, one-time experiences of music and dance with master teachers at the Peruvian Folk Dance Center. Our workshops provide a fun informative and interactive experience that take the students on a journey to Peruvian culture where they have the opportunity to learn about the Peruvian culture through the artifacts displayed participate in a variety of music and dances and learn about their significance open their voices to traditional songs try their hand at instruments and learn about the culture through a variety of curriculum areas through the Study Guide provided.

This in-school field trip takes your class or the whole school on a journey through the Peruvian Andes, culminating with a final Student Performance for Parents, Teachers and the whole Low in time commitment but high in artistry, workshops are timely, engaging, and dynamic sessions

Targeted to serve participants with varied interests and goals.
The typical duration of a one-day workshop is an hour and a half to two hours, but we also offer intensives and multi-day or multi-week options. Workshops costs are dependent on length, specialty, and teaching artist, and some are funded by grants to make them low-cost to you. Each week we host something or someone new, so check back often.

In elementary schools

in high schools

universities and colleges  


Each institution can decide the time of the cultural workshop

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