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Fall 2019-Class Schedule

Kid’s classes begin on September 21 of 2019

September: 21,28 October:5,12,19,28  November: 2,9,16,30 December 7,14

Place: Pineapple Studio 7518 Madison St, Forest Park, IL 60130

Time: 4:00- 5:00 pm

Age: From 5 to 13 years old

Dances: Marinera Norteña, afro Peruvian, Andean and jungle dance

Cost: $220.00 - 12 classes of one hour. (Price include 2 traditional attire for performances)

General rehearsal: December 7 from 4 -5 pm

Performances day: December 14 from 4 -6 pm

How to sing up

Select on LEVEL: KIDS DANCE. Select on rehearsal: 12. Select on quantity: 1 click on ADD TO CART. Waxes Laces checkbox put yes, click on ADD TO CART.

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Huayno is the National Dance of Peru throughout the Peruvian territory, in which there are many variants and they are called in another form: Huayño, Wayno, Chiquita, Shimaychi; And whose word could derive from Wayna, which in Quechwa means YOUNG, this rhythmic expression comes from this rhythm of the ancient Harawis and of collective joys in social labor, acquiring the expression of the WAYNARICUNATAKY or Recreating Song of the young man who falls in love. It has themes dedicated to the love and sorrows and experiences of the local man who develops in expressions, mestizas and natives between dances and dances of our diverse Andean regions like Tunantada, Huaylarsh, Muliza, Los Pujllay, Wifalitas, Tikatika , Carnival.
It is possible to emphasize the difference between the current mestizo Huayno in Quechwa or Aymara in Spanish and the Wayno native or purely instrumental with quena or ronda a capella and only in Quechwa that probably is this form of the most faithful original reflection in its roots.

The Peruvian writer José María Arguedas, gave us the following reference: "El Huayno is like the clear and meticulous trace that the mestizo people have left in the way of salvation and creation that has followed. In Huayno the work that has remained for a lifetime, all the moments of pain, joy, terrible struggles and all the moments in which the light was found and the exit to the big world where it could be like the best. The Huayno or Wayno is the expression of joy, and spirit.

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La Marinera

The marinera is the second national dance of Peru, with roots in Spanish dances, in zamacueca of African origin and in the indigenous dances of dualism. The message of the dance is to represent the flirtation, and the courtship of a couple. The woman provokes the man with his movements of skirt to compass and with the handkerchief expresses the movement of courtship in the dance.
The marinera is danced throughout Peru and is each region has its own style, these styles differ in their traditions and territories. La Marinera Limeña has a cadenful and elegant style but very flirty. The Marinera Serrana has a cadencioso style and similar to the slow but very flamboyant Huayno and the Marinera Norteña that has an accelerated style and with many varieties of cortege that represents the peasants of the town.


Afro - Peruvian Dance


Afro-Peruvian dances were created by blacks who were brought to Peru from Africa (Congo, Angola and Mozambique) in the 17th century and today are representative dances of the black coastal population of Peru, which can be danced in mixed groups (Men and women), as well as in pairs or alone. There are dances such as festejo, zamacueca, lando, the son de los diablos, alcatraz, shortcut and agricultural dances

All are dance of festive character, like and It is mainly found in the Department of Ica in the city of Chincha and also in other departments of Peru like Lima, Puno.